With the AH Ruimtevaart-app Albert Heijn sent thousands of children into space with famous Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. During the AH Ruimtevaart campaign kids were able to save for 160 different collectable space cards, 23 of them with special augmented and virtual reality experiences. By scanning these cards the little AH-astronauts could take a VR-trip to the Moon or any other of the breathtaking space destinations and the augmented reality function allowed them to transform their kitchen table into one of these extraterrestrial locations.

With this loyalty campaign created for Dutch Leading supermarket Albert Heijn kids throughout The Netherlands were able to take a trip into space and learn all about space travel from our most famous astronaut André Kuipers. The campaign contains a total of 160 collectable space travel cards, 23 of them with special AR/VR-functions. These cards were issued with every 10 euros spent. A mobile app called ‘AH Ruimtevaart’ allows users to scan the special cards and add them to one of the five corresponding space destinations. The more cards, the richer and lively the destinations. The app is also the starting point for a thrilling AR or VR-experience. The AR-function allows users to transform a table top into a detailed and realistic extraterrestrial landscape or surrounding. With the VR-function users can submerge in a high-end animated space destination and discover the setting by navigating using their eyes. The app is a successful combination of fun and education and makes augmented and virtual reality accessible for everybody.