We’ve created a digital app for a famous and beloved loyalty campaign from Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn called: AH Moestuintje. With every 15 euros spent, customers at Albert Heijn received a small carton box containing ingredients for growing their own kitchen garden. The app served as a tool to increase the fun during the growth process as well as the success rate of the home grown herbs, vegetables and flowers.

With the AH Moestuintje-app users received specific tips, reminders and useful facts about their collected plants in order to get the most of their kitchen gardens. Their daily to-do-list showed exactly which plants needed attention and according to personal preferences people were able to receive specific notifications to help them remind to take care of their kitchen garden. To increase the fun of home gardening users could also capture the growth and bloom of their plants in their photo album or create a timelapse which could be shared on socials.