For Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn we’ve created a revolutionary loyalty campaign that takes kids back to the era of the mighty dinosaurs. With every ten euros spent, customers received a pack of collectable dinosaur cards. The special scannable cards could be used to bring the dinosaurs to life through augmented and virtual reality.

This loyalty campaign allows customers of Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn to enter the world of the dinosaurs in a completely new and unique way. The campaign contains a total of 160 collectable dinosaur cards, 19 of them with special AR/VR-functions. A mobile app called ‘Terug naar de dino’s met Freek Vonk’ allows users to scan the special cards and add the mighty dinosaurs to their personal collection. The app is also the starting point for a thrilling AR or VR-experience. The AR-function allows users to bring the dinosaurs to life and let them walk on their kitchen table. With the VR-function users can submerge in a high-end animated dinosaur world and stand face to face with it’s inhabitants using their smartphone and/or a cardboard. Freek Vonk, a Dutch TV-biologist especially popular among kids serves as your guide throughout the app. With over 400 educational elements, the app successfully combines entertainment and education. The award-winning campaign meant a breakthrough for virtual and augmented reality in The Netherlands.