We’re a creative agency with a critical view on digital innovations within the world of media and communication. With a team just as diverse as our clientele we’re constantly looking for opportunities to translate technological innovations into concrete and accessible experiences for companies, organizations and consumers.

AH Tech

We helped Albert Heijn to introduce computational thinking to Dutch children (and their parents) through a playful tech and science driven loyalty campaign. Over the past years the interest in technology has grown exponentially and there is an increased demand for programmers and developers. Computational thinking is bound to become the skill of the future and technological innovation is an important theme for Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn.

WKZ Maatje

In children’s hospital Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis (WKZ) 5.000 young patients are hospitalized each year. They undergo surgery under anaesthesia and have to stay in the hospital for one day or more. Being hospitalized is scary and stressful for a lot of these young patients. We helped the young patients of WKZ with an augmented reality buddy to feel more at ease and decrease anxiety and stress before, during and after surgery.

APG annual report

Financial services provider APG group is a leading organization in the Dutch pension field, but hardly known amongst the participants that they are servicing as APG performs its activities on behalf of (pension) funds and employers. With an innovative and appealing annual public report, APG takes along the participants into their world with a uniquely designed report and AR enrichment.

Rabo PinPin

Together with Rabobank, one of the leading banks in The Netherlands, we developed an AR strategy that helps them reach their goal to become the bank of the future. Within the focus group (between the age 5-12) Rabobank was keen to increase financial awareness at a young age as to insure a healthy financial future. With Rabo PinPin children learn about the value of currency in a playful way as they can earn, save and spend virtual money in a trustworthy and safe environment with PinPin in Augmented reality.


With the AH Ruimtevaart-app Albert Heijn sent thousands of children into space with famous Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. During the AH Ruimtevaart campaign kids were able to save for 160 different collectable space cards, 23 of them with special augmented and virtual reality experiences. By scanning these cards the little AH-astronauts could take a VR-trip to the Moon or any other of the breathtaking space destinations and the augmented reality function allowed them to transform their kitchen table into one of these extraterrestrial locations.


As the largest funeral insurance company in the Netherlands it is Dela’s goal to “give life more meaning.” Their employees strive to do this day in day out. Our VR-experience offered employees the opportunity to see, from a unique and unusual point of view: that of the deceased, how valuable their everyday efforts are. This helped grow their engagement, motivation and involvement in relation to the company’s higher goal.


For Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn we’ve created a revolutionary loyalty campaign that takes kids back to the era of the mighty dinosaurs. With every ten euros spent, customers received a pack of collectable dinosaur cards. The special scannable cards could be used to bring the dinosaurs to life through augmented and virtual reality.


We’ve created a digital app for a famous and beloved loyalty campaign from Dutch leading supermarket Albert Heijn called: AH Moestuintje. With every 15 euros spent, customers at Albert Heijn received a small carton box containing ingredients for growing their own kitchen garden. The app served as a tool to increase the fun during the growth process as well as the success rate of the home grown herbs, vegetables and flowers.


In the AR-app Car Hunt, created for global insurer Zurich, players take part in a nationwide digital treasure hunt. Thousands of AR-cars are hidden throughout Switzerland. Players can go out on the streets in order to find and protect these cars by covering them with an augmented reality version of the iconic blue woolly Zurich hat. The more cars you protect, the more chance you have to win one of the amazing prices.


Every year, over 30.000 people start working as a customer assistant at Albert Heijn. The majority of this group is between 15 and 20 years old and the reasons for them to take this after-school job are mostly practical. In order to introduce these young new employees to the world of Albert Heijn in an attractive way, we developed two interactive virtual reality films. In these immersive experiences new employees discover their new jobs and also get to know more about their employer. “Welkom bij onze Albert Heijn” takes them on a journey from the suppliers, through the store, all the way to the customer’s kitchen.