Relieve stress and anxiety prior to surgery

Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis – WKZ-maatje



Going to the hospital is (almost) never fun, especially not for kids. In the Wilhelmina Children’s hospital around 5.000 young patients are hospitalized each year. How can we make these young patients feel more at ease and decrease anxiety and stress before, during and after surgery?


During their hospitalization kids primarily interact with doctors, nurses and their parents, all grown ups. The presence of a buddy who they can relate to could help distract patients and make them feel more at ease.


To make young patients feel more at ease and decrease anxiety and stress, we’ve created two augmented reality buddies. Monkey and tiger accompany these young patients in every step of the patient journey: from home, to ward, recovery room and back home again. During the patient journey kids can collect different puzzle pieces that unlock new content turning the scary patient journey into a fun and light-hearted treasure hunt.


69 % of young patients said the app offered them distraction
Young patiënts rate the 8/10


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