In 11:57, you find yourself in a dark basement. There is a bag over your head, but when it is removed it is still dark. Voices, noises and silhouettes start to appear in the distance. Eventually, the monster-like people tormenting you in the basement come closer, before attacking you.

11:57 came to life as a Sid Lee Collective initiative – a formalized program giving Sid Lee employees a chance to realize their personal creative projects by financing, producing and showcasing them. It is dubbed one of the first horror virtual reality films.

  • Studio

    Sid Lee (in co-production with Wemersive)
  • Director

    Sofia Gillström, Henrik Leichsenring
  • Cast

    Ad van den Biggelaar, Jennefer Siegrist, Morris Wagensveld, Alisha van Damme, Marieke Bremer
  • Release year

  • Producer

    Sanne van Hattum
  • Duration

    4.07 min
  • Production country

  • Language

    No language
  • Subtitles

    No subtitles
  • Genre