The Cryogenian
The Cryogenian

The Cryogenian is a creation of Dutch fractal artist Julius Horsthuis. Using VFX and 3D parameters he creates science-fiction looking patterns. In The Cryogenian you travel through one of the fractal environments, feeling like you are soaring through a mysterious cave. Surrounded by blue light and epic music you discover Julius’ take on the cold Cryogenian era.

Fractal artist Julius Horsthuis creates virtual reality fractal shorts, but also fractal images and ‘regular’ video. For his VFX work in traditional film, he has won awards.

  • Studio

    Julius Horsthuis
  • Director

    Julius Horsthuis
  • Release year

  • Duration

    6.51 min.
  • Production country

    The Netherlands
  • Language

    No language
  • Genre