High Five
High Five

Our founder Jip Samhoud has always been a fan of the all time classic Home Alone and therefore a big wish of his came true in producing High Five; a film about a young clever girl who tries to scare off two thieves with her hand crafted inventions. High Five, one of the first family movies ever created in virtual reality, was directed by Frank Lammers and stars several famous Dutch actors.

High Five can be seen as the first real family film in virtual reality. The film was made in cooperation with Samsung and stars several famous Dutch actors such as Frank Lammers, Stefan de Walle, Bracha van Doesburgh and Daan Schuurmans. The movie was inspired by all time classic Home Alone and tells the story of Frederique: a 10-year-old inventor who lives in an enormous castle with her parents. Her bedroom is filled with crafty inventions, but her parents have no interest in her ingenious creations whatsoever. Two villains however, are all the more interested in her latest masterpiece and are cooking up plans to steal it. This leads to a thrilling chase through the castle which is even more sensational due to the immersive effect of virtual reality.

  • Studio

    &samhoud media
  • Director

    Jip Samhoud
  • Cast

    Isa Lammers, Stefan de Walle, Frank Lammers, Bracha van Doesburgh, Daan Schuurmans
  • Release year

  • Producer

    Frank Lammers
  • Duration

    27.00 min

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    No Subtitles
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