Nightmare 360
Nightmare 360

In this animated horror short, you are lying in bed in a seemingly quiet bedroom. However, scary things start to happen. A light shines through your window, the tv suddenly turns on and the door to the hallway is slowly opening and closing. The scary noises are getting louder. Then, everything is still again – but not for long. Outside, it starts to storm and you feel, see and hear the presence of another being. Eventually, a lava pit seems to be forming in your bedroom floor, and a terrible creature crawls out. It attacks you viciously and the last thing you hear is the sounds of its jaws and claws.

Nightmare 360 was created by Francois Bouille, a Paris-based freelance creative. He also created The Door 360, a animated horror that takes place in an abandoned building full of creepy creatures.

  • Studio

    French Touch Records
  • Director

    Francois Bouille
  • Release year

  • Duration

    5.28 min.
  • Production country

  • Language

    No language
  • Subtitles

    No subtitles
  • Genre

    Animation, Scary