Not Above That (by Dawn)
Not Above That (by Dawn)

This mixed live-action and CGI music video is to the song Not Above That by singer Dawn Richard. In a spaceship-like setting and crossing through different areas of the galaxy, a holographic Dawn and her dancers appear in different ways, singing the catchy electronic pop song. You will be encountering an overwhelming number of twinkling stars, unknown planets, fireballs, vortexes, black holes, wormholes and asteroid fields, at one point even navigating the terrain of an otherworldly planet.

Dawn Richards (or D∆WN) is a famous R&B / pop / electronic singer from the US. Studio VR Playhouse really wanted to work with Dawn, since they defined her work as very tech-forward and futuristic, making them a good match.

  • Studio

    VR Playhouse
  • Director

    DJ Turner, Monty Marsh
  • Cast

    Dawn Richard
  • Release year

  • Duration

    4.25 min.
  • Production country

  • Language

  • Genre