The Prospects
The Prospects

In The Prospects, you travel through 4 different computer generated worlds that uncover the secrets of the world. The first world is symbolic for the hunger of humans for knowledge. “Throughout history, we have accumulated a massive amount of knowledge of the world around us.” The second world is the neutrino detector. “But we never stop acquiring new knowledge. We keep pushing the limits to learn about the ultimate truths of the physical world.” The third world represents the DNA. “And we are unlocking the secrets of life at an unprecedented speed.” The fourth and last world stands for the cosmos. “One significant motive for this endless pursuit is that we always hope that our deeper understanding of the natural world and ourselves will prepare us to find a new home in the vast Universe.”

Founded in 2016, Beauty of Science is an educational brand that produces inspiring content for K-12 STEM education and science outreach. The team is led by Yan Liang, Ph.D. His goal is to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public.

  • Studio

    Beauty Of Science (XinZhi Digital Media)
  • Director

    Yan Liang
  • Release year

  • Duration

    2.20 min.
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    No language
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