Seal with a kiss
Seal with a kiss

Find yourself in the basin of the rescued seals of Dutch seal centre Pieterburen. The cute and happy seals around you are recovering in this centre and will be brought back into nature when they are ready. You see the seals from the side, but also from within the basin. The big finale is a seal kissing the camera.

The Dolphin Swim Club is highly involved in improving the world in different ways. They are researching to create plastic VR-glasses from ocean waste. Also, their swimming with dolphins experience started out as an art project, but now is used for scientific and medical means as well. Several research institutions are experimenting with soothing and comforting patients with the experience (for instance small children who have to undergo surgery or psychiatric patients).

  • Studio

    The Dolphin Swim Club (in co-production with Viemr)
  • Director

    Benno Brada
  • Release year

  • Duration

    02.00 min (version 04.09 min also available)
  • Production country

    The Netherlands
  • Language

    No language
  • Subtitles

    No subtitles
  • Genre