Tomorrow is a partly animated, partly live-action inspiring piece that explores how language forms our conception of tomorrow and the future. Starting off in a mystical cave, a narrator takes you along on the journey of our language and words. Travelling past a ritual of the pre-historical tribe and a snowy landscape in which a huge silver ball is floating, the narrator explains how technology helps us to understand. The journey takes you along the Hopi tribe of the Amazon, who don’t have verbs for the past or future. Flying over mountains and impressing landscapes, accompanied by epic music, the narrator comes to the conclusion of the exploration: what if this new technology, VR, changes how we conceive tomorrow?

  • Studio

    Future Lighthouse
  • Director

    Nicolas Alcala
  • Release year

  • Duration

    6.37 min.
  • Production country

  • Language

  • Genre

    Animation, Fiction